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About Spot 8

Spot 8 is the brain child of a guy named Jack who wanted to create cool web sites for individuals and businesses in and around Lawrence, Kansas.

He soon learned that the world wide web is full of sites that are"'cool" but confusing. You would be amazed how much money someone will spend on a web site that is difficult to read, impossible to navigate and scares customers away.

With this knowledge, Jack decided to fill a niche by providing web design and development without using a lot of bells and whistles to prop up the price. He focused on designing clean and professional sites for small- and medium-sized clients who need a web presence, but don't have tens of thousands of dollars to spend.

In addition to web design, he also offers internet consultation, site management, hosting services, content structuring tips and moist cat food twice a day.

This site ( ) was designed with that philosophy in mind. If you like what you see, please send us and email at

-- Emmy, the office cat